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i've changed my mind. i am quitting all my accounts called alexloveslps, i will make a new account for these but i wanna restart so i will not tell u my account. U may be on to me though cuz a few ppl know enough so they may find out, welp goodbye forever
NEW PLAN! I will make a bunch of videos and pictures pre-made so that i can start uploading weekly again and not have to worry about being late to make a video. It may take a while so yeah, BTW deleting all my videos and photos again.

Sorry i hadn't made a video on my youtube channel for the aj updates, before thursday i was fine but when i woke up the next day my head hurt and snot was flying. I feel much better today but i don't want you to hear me sneeze or cough constantly. so yeah, but speedpaints i can do so don't worry.

Heya guys! Alex here! So i just wanted to inform you that i have decided to cancel Daniel the demon, in my opinion it was a crappy idea anyway. I will be working on a different LPS series! Let's hope i do not cancel this one do cuz i've had a shit storm of ideas this whole time having that account on youtube and before uploading the first episode i canceled them! So i will not give to many spoilers but it's basically about some random dudes life, he will do things like getting a girlfriend, lose a girlfriend, lose friends and family, get jobs, lose jobs, etc. It's supposed to be a bit dramatic and stuff. He will probably get married and have children one day but i am not to sure about that. Sound interesting? Hope so! BTW i have the sketch for a picture finished! So speedpaints will return to my channel soon! Bye!

I have decided that i will delete all of my art (except the picture i just posted) i hope you don't get too mad about it or anything.. i'm just gonna start fresh

When daniel the demon comes out you won't be able to view it on certain devices, this is because the intro has copyrighted music, not all copyrighted music is unavailable on certain devices but that song is.. so sorry people who won't be able to view it

I am no longer using my planet minecraft account (which i never really used anyway) i just thought i'd tell you that

Upcoming LPS Series!

I am working on a series called Daniel the demon. What do you think will happen in this series? is he going to destroy the world or is he a good demon? What other creatures may be featured in the series? Vampires? Angels? Mortals? Tell me in the comments with #NewSeries and I will give a shoutout to as many people who get something right at the end of the video, goodluck!

Oh my god i am so sorry for spamming 3 posts in a row! It is just i forgot ANOTHER thing! I'm sorry if i end up forgetting something this time too! Basically i may or may not delete my art and create new art, i will stop spoiling my story for everybody i will stop making pictures of my characters from an unfinished story! I will probably continue drawing them just not post them until the story is finished. But basically i want to know if i should delete my pictures or not if you say yes that doesn't mean i will do it though cuz i may end up changing my mind but i just wanna hear from you guys first, sorry for the long ass status post again well that is it i hope i didn't miss anything this time! Bye!

Oh btw i made a new quiz on quotev! it is about funny text messages! if you'd like you can click the link and take this quiz! Enjoy!…

I forgot to tell you this but i uploaded new videos and deleted my old ones! I will no longer post weakly jsut so you know. A link to my channel will be in my deviant ID goodluck finding my youtube!

Guys the problem from last status post has been resolved, i finally fucking figured it out.
in my most recently vid i told you how i fell like three fucking times? Well one time i scraped my shoulder horribly. It was kinda like this:… and then today i tried taking off my pajamas so i could change into regular clothes but i found that my sleeve got stuck to my shoulder i tugged it a little (which was a mistake) then i decided to take the top part off of the areas it wasn't sticking to then i looked in the area that it was stuck too and i noticed blood, probably from the tugging. What do i do to take it off!? i don't wanna wear pajamas forever! or even just for a whole fucking day! Help meh plz! and sorry for the long ass status post!

I made the video guys! I did it! Now you guys know about updates!

Guys i am making changes with my channel! I will post a video about updates and everything soon! It will not be on saturday because it's not like my official videos. I might upload it today or tomorrow.

New video! Sorry its not a speedpaint either :( luckily i will get a speedpaint done soon though! Sorry it is so late :( 

every month i will remind you to look at my deviant ID to find out which sites i have an account on! This is because i want you guys to be able to find me ANYWHERE and i might join a new sight so if you check out my deviant ID you'll find out that site!

Hey guys! I just published a new quiz on quotev! It is called "How similar are we?" you probably know what its about already :P Welp here is a link!… hope you enjoy the quiz!

I forgot to tell you about that poll i made on quotev a long time ago :P Here is the link…

The new video is finally up! Sorry it took SO Long! No picture for today though sorry :(



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Hi i am Alex! Well the truth is my name is Marie but i want to change my name to alex, so just call me alex plz! I love LPS It's in my name! And i also like drawing, i also have a youtube channel here is a link to it:… hope you like the videos i post on there!I also have an account on quotev! here is a link to it: I also now have an account on a warriors RP! here is a link!…

My user on animal jam and transformice is alexloveslps



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